Cheap Can Be A False Economy

Will You Save Money With A Cheap Removal Option?


We believe that, for a full house removal, you will not save in the long run.  And our belief comes from our years of experience.  Do not get us wrong, the ‘man with a van’ (or woman) option is a great choice in certain circumstances.  For example, if you bought a great sofa on eBay for only £20 and need someone to pick it up.  A man with a van is perfect for this type of job.  You do not want the sofa ending up costing you a fortune in removal fees, and the item is low in value so if it gets damaged it is not the end of the world.

Many man and van people are very professional, in fact their price is often a good indicator of quality.  The cheaper it is the less likely there will be insurance etc.  However, for a regular house move we recommend professional removers like ourselves.


The potential pitfalls are varied, and not even necessarily the fault of the van man:


  • Everyone has more belongings than they think they do
  • A van can only carry one small load at a time
  • The man may only be able to bring himself, with no help for any heavy lifting
  • If he damages your items he may not be insured
  • He may let you down if he gets a better offer
  • He may not be available if your moving date gets held up, as they often do
  • He is unlikely to help with packing or supply packing materials
  • If he injures himself by accident then your moving ‘team’ is gone


Vacant Possession is legally binding


When you move out of your house, either by selling it or ending a rental agreement, it is usual legal practice for the new owners or landlords to receive the property with ‘vacant possession’.   Vacant possession means that the property must be completely empty of all your belongings.

In the case of a house sale vacant possession is expected on completion.  If you have not moved out in time this can leave you open to your buyer seeking damages, or even the cancellation of the contract.  In the case of a rental property you may find yourself with continuing obligations under your lease, such as still needing to pay rent.


On the actual moving day there can be unpleasant consequences:


  • An extra level of stress for all concerned
  • Your solicitors having to get involved and charging you more
  • Your possessions being removed by others
  • Your possessions being left outside the property and at the mercy of the weather
  • Confusion between the sellers and buyers possessions if the removals coincide
  • The buyer, landlord or tenant having to pay DPH Removals for our time when waiting
  • The buyer etc. then claiming this extra cost from you


To help the process run as smoothly as possible make sure that you can move out in time by using a full removals service such as ourselves.

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