Packaging Materials

Our Range Of Packaging Materials


If you want to do your own packing, we offer, from stock, a wide range of house packaging materials including boxes and sundries to help you pack your goods safely.

To keep our prices as low as possible, we also stock a range of ‘once used’ recycled boxes that have been used in the commercial industry. They are strong and clean and of a high quality. Brand new boxes can also be ordered at customer request.

Our range of packaging materials can be purchased online here.

All sizes shown are approximate as stock varies and the dimensions are H (height) x W (width) x D (depth).


DPH Removals T Chest Boxes


T-Chest Boxes

These boxes are 515mm x 450mm x 450mm (20in x 18in x 18in) and are nice and strong. They are ideal for items such as pots and pans and larger household goods.





DPH Removals book size box

Book Size Boxes

These boxes are 355mm x 380mm x 430mm (14in x 15in x 17in) and are nice and sturdy. They are perfectly sized to hold items such as books, CD’s and DVD’s as well as other smaller household items.







Garment Carriers

These carriers are perfect for protecting your garments and are available in various sizes. These can be loaned out free of charge on the day of removal if we do your removals for you, or they can be purchased separately.






DPH Removals Bubble Wrap


Bubble Wrap

Our bubble wrap is available in 2 sizes. 60 inches wide or 38 inches wide and comes on a roll. This is perfect for protecting valuable items and to also fill in spaces within our boxes to stop items banging together or moving during transport.






DPH Removals Foam Wrap


Foam Wrap

Our foam wrap is available in a single size of 56 inches wide and comes on a roll. This is perfect where bubble wrap may be too think to wrap items with and can be used to wrap more delicate items such as glass products, china, etc.






Wrapping Paper

Our wrapping paper is supplied in packs of 250 sheets and is great for fragile items, for instance to stuff inside of glass or china products to provide stability and to wrap items such as plates, saucers, bowls, etc. to provide extra protection from scratches or chips.





DPH Removals Packaging Tape


Packaging Tape

Our brown or clear tape is strong and secure to ensure boxes stay fastened and don’t burst open during transit. They are sold by the roll and we can advise on approximate quantities needed.






We also stock a variety of sofa, chair and mattress covers and paper blankets, and these can be purchased directly by contacting us.

Should you require any packing item not listed, please contact us as we can pre-order most packaging products.  All items are available to the trade and general public and are kept in stock at our warehouse.

Images are for illustration purposes only.