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How Can I Help With Moving House

DPH Removals How Can I Help With Moving House

What You Can Do To Help With Moving House

With most things in life there is often a fine balance between being helpful and potentially over complicating things, no matter how good your intentions might be, and the same is true of removals. 

With this in mind here a few hints and tips for what you can do to help with moving house.

Take a look at our moving house checklist too, which is full of useful information and things to consider.

Communication With DPH Removals

Try and keep us up to date with any changes as soon as they happen.

Keep in touch with us regularly when you are looking at moving dates so that we can keep you up to date with our availability for your chosen date(s).

If there is anything that you have not been able to do before the move e.g., dismantling or running out of boxes, then please let us know as soon as possible so that we can help and amend our plans if necessary.

Belongings In Storage At Manor Road Storage

If your belongings are in storage with us at our Manor Road Storage site, then it is not as time sensitive as when you are having to vacate and enter a property on the same day. 

Rather than booking your delivery for the day that you exchange, book it for the following day or a couple of days later as this means there will not be any risk of delays.


If you are doing the packing, then ensure that everything is packed up and ready to go the day before as otherwise this can lead to delays. Our tips for packing to move article may help.

If you are using our packing services then make sure that you keep any items that you do not want to be packed out of the way, and let the team know.


It’s always a good idea to let the neighbours know when you are moving in to give them a heads up about any potential disruption that they might experience with the move.

We will always try and park out of the way, but sometimes this is not always possible due to the location and as much as we will endeavour to talk to people where they are specifically affected, it always helps things to run a bit more smoothly if you make neighbours that could be affected by the move, know beforehand.

Animals And Children

It can often be a good idea to try and find alternative accommodation for children and animals during the move.  There is always a lot going on and it can be a very long day, which can be very stressful for both animals and children.

With animals, if you are not able to find them somewhere else to go then we would suggest limiting them to one room, rather than allowing them to roam free as this will decrease the chance of them accidentally being let out or getting underfoot.

Our great tips for moving home with pets’ article may help.


The phrase ‘too many cooks’ can apply to removals too. 

With too many ‘helpers’ present it can slow matters down and cause confusion with different messages being passed on from different people. 

We will always supply enough people to complete the job in good time, but if you do have people there to help you on the day, we would always suggest nominating one person to be the point of contact for the removals team, as this will limit any confusion.


Once you have vacated your property you will have to drop off your keys at the estate agents and then wait for your keys to be available for collection. 

Stay local to the estate agent so that as soon as the keys are ready you can be on site, as if you are some distance away then this will further delay the start of the unloading and can lead to additional charges.


Make sure you have a contingency plan in place.  Things don’t always go to plan e.g., accidents, traffic delays or waiting for keys etc. and it is important that you have a plan just in case the worst-case scenario does occur, as this will save you any additional stress on the day.

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