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Terms and Conditions

Removals Payment

A 30% deposit is required when booking your removal. If your removal is cancelled within 10 working days, then this deposit is non-refundable. We will endeavour to accommodate your alternative date but operate on a first booked basis.

Quotes are given on the understanding that the removal may be carried out by the method and route decided by DPH Removals & Storage. Any interruption, or postponement may incur extra charges. Quotations do not include the taking down or putting up of fitments and fittings, gas, electric or other fittings, unless otherwise agreed. Extra Goods submitted for removal or storage may incur an extra charge.

Additional services not quoted for are charged at a rate of £60 per hour inclusive of VAT.

Upon redelivery of any storage held by us, full payment of any outstanding balance will be required before redelivery can commence.


Any packing service carried out on the day of removal that has not been quoted for will be charged out at £60 per hour inclusive of VAT, plus the cost of packing materials provided as per our current price list.

An extra charge may be incurred if the goods are to be removed or delivered above a second floor. An extra charge will also be incurred if unsuitable access results in a significant time delay, unless we have been made aware before the quotation. Key waiting will be charged at £45 per hour after 2pm, until access is gained to the property and the unloading of the removal lorry can commence.

It is the responsibility of the customer to ensure that there are no goods required to be moved left behind, and that there are no goods left in unoccupied premises as DPH Removals & Storage cannot accept responsibility for them.

Unless previously agreed all charges are due on the day of removal.

Temporary Storage

Customers submitting goods for storage shall provide an address for contact and an inventory of items to be stored, together with a single declaration of their value.

The customer shall not submit for removal or storage any dangerous, explosive, flammable or pressurised items, or any foodstuffs, perishable items, plants or articles likely to encourage vermin or other pests or to cause infestation or contamination, any item requiring a controlled environment and any animals, birds or fish. Any item which is petrol driven must be drained prior to being submitted for storage.

If any of these items are submitted for removal and/or storage, whether knowingly or otherwise, you agree that DPH Removals are discharged from any liability arising from loss or damage thereof.

The customer must be aware of the condition of items submitted for storage as DPH Removals are not liable for any damage or loss either directly, proximately or indirectly caused by mildew, mould, extremes of temperature or other atmospheric conditions, inherent vice, insufficiency of insulation, electrical and/or mechanical derangement, loss or damage caused by wear, tear, rust or gradual deterioration, moth and/or vermin &/or insect contamination, nor are we liable for any items placed inside boxes that were not packed by us, or any damaged items that have not been wrapped/boxed appropriately. The removers are not liable for any damage to furniture or fittings that need to be dismantled or assembled so that they can be moved or for any items that are moved via windows.

It is recommended that any items that require disconnecting from a water supply be disconnected prior to the day of removal. DPH Removals & Storage cannot be held responsible for any leakages that occur on the day of removal.

Any discrepancy or claim for damage must be brought to our attention in writing within 48 hours from the time of delivery.

In the event of loss or damage to your goods, our liability to you will be assessed as a sum equivalent to the cost of their repair or replacement, subject to indemnity, considering the age, quality and condition of the goods immediately prior to their loss or damage, and subject to the maximum sum declared upon the quotation/acceptance form. Where the lost or damaged item is part of a pair or set, our liability to you, where it is assessed as the cost of replacement of that item, is to be assessed as a sum equivalent to the cost of that item in isolation, not the cost of that item as part of a pair or set.

Every effort has been made to carry out the work at the time and date quoted, but we are not liable for delay due to mechanical, weather and transit or labour problems.

It is a condition that the removal can be conveniently carried out via adequate access points and that there is suitable access for our vehicle.


In the event of any claim against ourselves no payment or part payment due for work may be withheld.

We may sub contract our work to another organisation. If we do, then this contract will still apply and we will endeavour to advise in advance.

If we are unable to deliver a customer’s goods to the agreed address due to an obstruction at that address, an extra charge will be made for any storage and reloading incurred.

Should outstanding Storage Charges mount beyond the presumed value of the goods stored, and all contact with the customer be lost, DPH Removals & Storage Ltd reserve the right to sell the stored goods and retain the outstanding monies due.

Each exclusion or limitation in these Conditions exists separately and cumulatively.

These conditions and any act or contract to which they apply shall be governed by English Law and any dispute arising out of any act or contract to which these conditions apply shall be subject to the exclusive Jurisdiction of the English courts.

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