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Our Packing Services Options

When it comes to domestic removals and office removals, DPH Removals Lincolnshire can help to move you in a way that is tailored to your specific needs.

DPH Removals offer four packing services, from self packing to our full packing service and even an unpacking service.

Self Packing Options

Many people choose to do their own packing before moving. This can be a great option if you want to take your time thoroughly sorting out your possessions well in advance of a move.

On moving day DPH Removals will then be able to load everything safely and neatly into their removals vehicles.

If you select this packing option DPH Removals can supply you with all the packing materials that you need via our online packing materials shop. Alternatively you may contact us to discuss and order your packing materials directly from us.

For more detailed information on the packing materials we stock and can provide, please visit our Packing Materials page. 

Drawing on our many years of experience we can also advise you on approximately how many packing boxes, wrap and tape you should need.

For example, on average a three bedroom house would need 70 to 80 cardboard boxes. Whilst a two bedroom house would only require 50 to 60 cardboard boxes. And a one bedroom house around 30 cardboard boxes.

Obviously the actual total number of cardboard boxes will depend on the amount of possessions and ‘clutter’ you are taking with you to your new home or premises.

Self packing may appear to be the less costly packing option. However, there are potential pitfalls so please read our packing tips before deciding.

Packing Services

Part Packing Services

Packing non valuable and unbreakable items yourself can be the sensible thing to do. Nevertheless, the packing of delicate and/or valuable items might often be best left to the trained professionals.

To this end, DPH Removals Lincolnshire can also offer you a packing quotation that covers only individual items. Or just parts of your house, such as kitchen and crockery contents, delicate china cabinet contents and more.

This service will naturally be tailored to suit your exact needs.

Packing Services

Full Packing Services

In the event that you do not have the time and/or confidence to do your own packing DPH Removals Lincolnshire offer a full packing service.

Our expertly trained team will pack the entire contents of your house. Thereby reducing your stress levels and helping you to manage your time more effectively.

In general a full packing service will be carried out prior to the actual removal day. A very large house will obviously take longer to pack up. A small house may only take a couple of hours and be done the same day. As well as the size of the property we will also have to factor in the distance the items will be moving. For example, moving a five bedroom household from Scotland to Lincolnshire will take a reasonable amount of time.

It goes without saying we will be able to advise you on timings for a full packing service.

DPH Removals Packing Services

Unpacking Services

DPH Removals Lincolnshire also able to offer an unpacking service. Whether you do not have the time or desire to unpack yourselves, they will unpack all of the boxes within an allocated room.

This can be particularly useful after a long distance move when getting your new home or office quickly into a useable state is essential.

All the boxes and packing materials used will be also removed and responsibly disposed of.

If you would like any further information on any of our packing services, then please do not hesitate to get in touch with us.

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